Casio Games

When I studied my maths A Level it was suggested that we all get a Graphical Calculator, the one offered by the school was a Casio 9750G. These calculators have a programming application allowing creation of mathematical programs; this seemed like a perfect opportunity to use my basic knowledge of programming and see whether there were any games i could program into my calculator.

To my suprise there were many sites deicated to casio calculator games, but I found that when rogrammed in the games never seemed to work correctly so I set out to perfect some of the games I had put into my calculator and the following two games are games which I liked and ones that can get quite addicting (especially when faced with the alternative of doing maths work).

Rally - This game is where you use the up and down arrows to steer the car from the left of the screen to the right, you must avoid htting the edge of the road other wise you'll have to start again from the beginning.

Shoot it II - In this game you must shoot the target when I gets between the two markers, to make it easier or more difficult simple changes can be made to the program.

Shoot it



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