LED Flasher

I have recently looked into programming PICs out of my electronics interest, my first project to try and program a 16F84 to replicate the LED display on the front of KITT the car from knight rider

I looked at many different similar projects available on the net but I found that none of them worked, and or were too complex for me to understand so I sat down and came up with the below code.

As of yet I have been unable to test my project in reality, but have been able to do so via Virtual Bread Board Which is freely available for those wanting to test their projects before burning them to PICs.

The following is the code to this project which can be copied in MPLAB (another freely available program, which allows programmers to develop, test and build their PIC programs.) which will then be able to test the program and build it into a .HEX file which can then be sent to Virtual Bread Board or to your programmer.

Once written the PIC can then be setup as follows, and by changing the program slightly more or fewer LEDs can be used



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